My January 2013 in Instagram

I really don’t post (nor I am an addict) photos instagram (@theartetect) everyday. That was 2012. This year I decided to go with the bandwagon of joining “Photo-a-day” challenges. The 365 days project was a bit overwhelming for me so I tried minimizing the pressure into a monthly challenge. Well, if I finished all 12 months I’ll have 365 photos right? Hmm. you get me right? haha! Moving on with the photos..

photo a-6.jpg

1. You | 2. Nails | 3. Breakfast

photo b-2.jpg
4. Weather | 5. Eyes | 6. Favorite Perfume | 7. OOTD

photo c-2.jpg
8. Cozy | 9. Something You’re Reading | 10. Morning Sky | 11. Light

photo d-1.jpg
12. Black & White | 13. Cuddle Buddy | 14. Upside Down | 15. Flashback

photo e-1.jpg
16. Nighttime | 17. A Smile | 18. Peace | 19. Favorite Candy

photo f-1.jpg
20. A Smell You Adore | 21. With Nashville Filter | 22. Time | 23. Something You Love

photo g-1.jpg
24. Candle | 25. Nature | 26. Animals | 27. Your Bedroom

photo h-1.jpg
28. Jewelry | 29. Hairstyle | 30. Quote | 31. You, Again

If you are already following me on Instagram, (@theartetect), you know there’s an explanation on every photo. Summing it up, my January 2013 was full of ups and downs but I know that’s how life goes. One day you’re happy and you’ll never know what will happen the next day. I’ve learned lessons and created new memories last month. Hmm. Maybe I can say last month wasn’t bad at all. Thanks to God.



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