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I am the type of person who subscribes to any brand’s monthly/weekly newsletter but I really don’t read them at all. One gloomy day, Tomato sent an e-mail. Since I was just lying on bed that day, day dreaming perhaps, I just decided to open that mail. 

I’ve been an occasional shopper at Tomato (their physical store). I have never actually glanced on their watch displays as long as I can remember. I’ve been only interested in their apparel and bags not until this e-mail was sent to me.

This was the actual e-mail that I received.

I shrugged, Oh 50% Off. Not knowing that their watches retails at (regular) 500+ pesos. I blinked twice then realized that they are freaking having a huge sale of watches!!

I immediately scanned their online catalogue specifically, each of their watches and chose these lovely pieces:

The Athletic Chic Watch in white, The Primal Goddess Watch and Golde Spike Cuff Bracelet in Green

Each watch comes with a box and a warranty card.

The Atlethic Chich Watch in White (also comes in black- 500 pesos before but with 50% off-275 pesos)

I chose this watch, simply because I don’t have a “sporty” style watch. I love the gold and black detailing on this and the soft white band is a plus for me.

The Primal Goddes Watch (275 pesos-originally 550 pesos)

I also don’t have an animal printed watch slash dressy. The crystal-like encrusted detailing of this watch caught my attention while I was browsing the catalog. Again, it is in gold and a mother-of-pearl like face. I can wear this with a casual outfit and even a dressier one. 

Golde Spike Cuff Bracelet in Green (200 pesos also available in red and blue)

This edgy spiked cuff was a random buy. It was not included in the sale though but I’ve been into cuffs lately and the spikes on this definitely brings out the rocker chic vibe in me. No kidding, the spikes can really injure somebody. I guess I can use this as a self defense! Fashion + self defense, spell versatility!

The sale ran for only 3 days but I am looking forward for their future (crazy) sale!


DISCLAIMER: The author is not in anyway affiliated with Tomato. These are just the author’s personal impressions and opinions. 


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