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Oh hello my dear readers!

Here’s a different kind of post in my blog, dedicated to all blackberry users who are longing for that Instagram-ish kind of photos edited directly on your own Blackberries! It has been a while since I post substantial things on my blog so, here’s one! (Yes, I do have an Instagram account just because of my mom’s android. Still a blackberry girl here! :>)

If you and I are friends on Facebook, or you’ve been following my twitter, you’d probably seen these photos via Twitpic. I really love taking photos of different things I find interesting on my daily walks. Of course, I know you’ll feel me on this, there are those times that you want to tweak a photo in an instant right?

Firstly, let me introduce you to Photo Studio.

It is like a quick photo editor in your phone where you can adjust each photos contrasts, brightness, crop, rotate and much more, plus the cool part is that you can instantly add effects on any photo instantly!

Here’s a quick overview of the editor, it’s functions and a quick how-to-edit.

Choose your photo.

Choose your effects from the pre-sets.

You can add frames and edit the photo’s contrast, tint, saturation, etcetera. Then save it in your phone, share it on BBM, Facebook or twitter!

And then there’s Picframes.

This app lets you make photo collages, and set them in frames in any number that you like! Another cool thing about this app is that, you can actually edit the photos right after you finish adding effects and all sorts, in Photo Studio! Cool right? :)

An overview of the App.

Select a frame

Add your photos. You can adjust each frames and move each photos inside each boxes.

After adjusting the frames, you can select the border color that you want and also make the corners rounded.

Save and share!

And if you still want to edit your photos more, you can edit them straight to Photo Studio!

Lastly, here’s the photo app, closest to the famous Instagram. I present to you, InstaPhoto!

See how Instagram-ish those photos are? Well of course, Instagram is still better in some ways.

Another quick overview of the app.

Select an image from your memory and crop.

Choose your effects. In this photo, I chose the Tilt-Shift.

Upload it on your Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr when you are satisfied!

Super cool apps right? What do you think?

All apps can be downloaded at the Blackberry App World and the great thing is the Photo Studio and Picframes are free! Well, the Instaphoto cost me for about $3 if I can remember it correctly. Nonetheless, these are great photo editing apps!

I’m sure you can do better than I did to those photos. haha. Give it a try guys and I would be glad to hear your comments. :)



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