Wrapping this day, Jan. 11, 2012:

  • After my dental appointment, I went to Redwoods to meetup with my friend and to see their modular bunk bed. It was awesome! O_O
  • We then had our lunch at Kenny Roger’s SMF and I had their High Protein Meal which includes, grilled chicken breast, fresh salad, fruit salad (I gave it to my dear friend Cici) and a muffin, plus I ordered an extra side dish, which was their delish potato salad.
  • Strolled, and then we craved for Happy Lemon’s delectable teas but there isn’t one smiling lemon boy to be found at SMF, thus we just subbed our longings by tea-rrific’s Buko pandan tea and apple fruittea. They were neither bad nor good.
  • My Belle de Jour Lifestyle Card finally came in the mail! :>
  • Bought some pushpins from NBS and the freakin’ Frixion pen in 0.4. It is always out-of-stock whenever I dropped by. Luckily, there were 3 pieces left.
  • Bought a nice skort with lace-like cut-outs from Betty at the department store. I was really happy but the sad part is, I left my BDJ coupons at home. I was suppose to get a nice discount on that skort. -_-
  • Dropped her back at Redwoods then got her violin which the brother of my friend, Ygan wanted to buy.

I’m feeling a bit down tonight thus the lame, actually, unedited photos. Sorry about that. :( My dear friend, Cici went back to Guam just a while ago. I’m gonna miss her. :’(

The sad girl,



  1. teesh-oh said: Friendship doesn’t let the distance be the obstacle naman eh. :)
  2. dayanarapolangcus said: You have violin.,great!! Do you know how much the violin for kids?
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